The quitline helps more than 450 people with their quit journey every day. We do this with evidence-based tobacco cessation strategies.

Best Ways to Quit

  1. Try until you quit for good.
  2. Use both counseling and medications to quit.
  3. Individual, group and telephonic counseling all work.
  • We provide the right mix of support.
    • Coaching and quit medications combined gives you the best chance of quitting. We offer those, plus direction in developing a plan for quitting and meeting challenges along the way. The quitline also helps you draw on support from family, friends, and an online community during your quit journey.
  • We have caring quit coaches.
    • Our quit coaches are among the most experienced in the country. All of our coaches have either a college degree or equivalent clinical experience. They complete a Tobacco Treatment Specialist Training Program as certified by the Council on Tobacco Treatment Training Programs (CTTTP).
  • We know people quitting tobacco are from different communities.
    • Whether you’re LGBT, Hispanic, Asian American, pregnant, African American, challenged with mental health concerns, or otherwise—we have compassion and understanding of wherever you’re coming from. We know what quit strategies will work for you.
  • We’re operated by the Nation’s Leading Respiratory Hospital
    • National Jewish Health is the leading respiratory hospital in the United States. Our organization is known for its expertise in preventing and treating life-threatening and chronic diseases. National Jewish Health's tobacco cessation program has better results than many national standards.

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